Cannabis and Immigration Law

Marijuana has become a confusing legal field throughout the United States. While marijuana is still illegal at the federal level under the Controlled Substances Act, a majority of states have legalized marijuana in some form, whether just for medical use or also for recreational use. The discrepancies in marijuana law may be even more confusing […]

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MAVNI Program – Citizenship Through the Military

The Military Accessions Vital to National Interest (MAVNI) is a small, exclusive program that allows foreign nationals to gain expedited citizenship in exchange for military service. Typically, all of the United States military branches require enlistees to be permanent residents of the United States, green card holders, but the MAVNI program allows certain non-immigrants with

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Path to U.S. Citizenship

For foreign national who wishes to gain legal status and eventually citizenship in the United States, this may be achieved in a number of ways. Among the most common methods for a foreign national to achieve citizenship are either through employment or through family, including by marriage. Depending on the foreign national’s circumstances, other methods

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Naturalization 101

NATURALIZATION AND REMOVAL When a non-citizen wants to become a United States citizen, that person must undergo a process known as naturalization. There are many benefits in becoming a U.S. citizen. A U.S. citizen can travel more freely; he can vote; and he can apply for more jobs, including government positions. Citizens are more eligible

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